Roofing Repair Issues: 10 Most Common Ones And What To Do About Them

You may have encountered roofing repair issues at some point in your life. These may range from small leaks to large cracks and most of them are generally inevitable. Have you ever wondered how to prevent roofing leaks before it’s too late? The lifetime of a roof is limited, and these can depend on various factors.

Roofing Repair Issues - Refurbishment

There are many ways for your roof to degrade and suffer from common ailments. It is very likely that you ignore a small leak which can usually go undetected for years. However, this will eventually cause huge damage before you even notice anything. As such, it’s important that you address these roof repair issues immediately and avoid any structural damages to your roof.

Let’s explore the 10 most common roofing repair issues and how the local roofing contractors at LD Roofing Services Ltd can help address all types of roof repairs.

1. Roof leaks

Roofing Repair Issue - Roof Leak
Image: Showing The Impact Of A Roof Leak

Roof leaks are one of the most common roofing repair issues faced by most homeowners. Due to extreme weather conditions such as strong winds, rain or snow, your roofs are constantly battered by them which leads to moisture forming under the layers. It’s therefore important to ensure that they are addressed immediately as delays in repairing roof leaks can eventually cause a bigger damage.

From broken shingles to cracked flashing, roof leaks have the tendency to occur near the chimney, around gutters, in valleys, close to vents etc. Though most issues are unavoidable, there are crucial steps that one could take to lengthen the lifetime of a roof.

roofing repair services at LD Roofing Services Ltd are in place to address these exact concerns. Our maintenance team will ensure that they are constantly checked and well maintained leaving you with a peace of mind.


2. Damaged shingles

If part of a shingle is missing, it is recommended that you replace the whole thing immediately. Shingles could damage if they are not assembled carefully or if they have not been securely nailed on the edges properly.

Extreme weather can be a major contributor towards causing damage to the shingles too. High winds can easily pry the metal flashing and leave the roof exposed making it more prone to damages. Additionally, it is important to ensure there’s sufficient ventilation around your roof. This will prevent moisture from getting inside a shingle.

3. Damaged flashings

Flashings plays an important role in keeping water away from parts that could be potentially damaged by moisture. It acts as a seal around areas such as air conditioning systems, vent pipes and chimneys, so they would not seep into your home. This roofing repair issue can be easily prevented if they are installed carefully from the very beginning as they can otherwise easily come unattached.

4. Rotten fascia boards or soffit

The combination of fascia boards, soffits and guttering are set in place to ensure the water flows out of your property effectively. Depending on the weather conditions, they can cause a great deal of damage if they are not maintained well.

For instance, a build up or water or ice can cause disruption to the fascia or soffit boards which can eventually detached from the main structure. This can cause them to rot and can easily spread across to the different of your roof. Eventually, you will have a hole that gives access to squirrels and birds who can cause further damages.

To ensure you have a smooth flow water, we use high quality roofing repair products that last long. Alternatively, you could consider applying a special coating that prevents rotting to a certain extent. If you are still not sure of the specifications, you could contact our expert roofers for more information on fascias, soffits and guttering.

5. Punctures or penetrations

Though most applicable to flat roofs, punctures or penetrations can be a major disruption if the materials used on the roof are of poor quality. From foot traffic to local wildlife, they are susceptible to scrapes, puncture marks, or even big holes in a roof. These damages can have a long-lasting impact over time and is therefore best addressed immediately.

Roofing Repair issues - punctures
Image: A Large Roof Puncture


6. Shrinkage

Shrinkages are more likely to affect roofs that are exposed to extreme weather conditions. With extreme weather conditions, such as rapid heating and cooling, they can shrink very easily especially if they are not properly installed. Any shrink-related roofing repair issues can be overcome by ensuring that they are constantly inspected and maintained regularly.

7. Clogged gutters

Clogged gutters are a common issue most homeowners face especially when they have high rise trees around their roofs. The withered leaves that fall from these trees can clog the gutters overtime. Additionally, they could be clogged with broken parts and debris that flies in from the external environment.

It is important that they are constantly checked and cleared to prevent from the gutters rotting and thereby allowing for water to seep into your homes. An effective way to prevent clogged gutters is to install screens on the gutter openings that eliminates twigs and leaves from getting into the guttering system.

Roofing repair issues - penetration
Image: Broken Gutter On The Roof Of A House


8. Wind damage

If you live in an area with strong winds, it is possible that certain parts of your roof would be blown away. This usually occurs to a side of the roof that are more exposed to high winds. The uplifting pressure and vacuum of the wind can severely affect your roof if they are not secured or fastened properly.

9. Splitting

Depending on the type of materials used for your roofing structure, it is high likely that they shift and change all the time depending on the climate. For instance, the shingles on a roof would begin to expand in warm climate conditions which can eventually lead to them splitting. If they continuously bump into each other, the chances of them warping the roof entirely are high.

As such, it is important that they are placed in a manner that avoids direct contact but also find the right balance to ensure they are secured properly. It should be fixed to tight as they could crack when they expand at a higher rate during extreme weather conditions.

10. Poor maintenance

Most importantly, most roofing repair issues can be solved if they are maintained and inspected regularly. When detected before it’s too late, it becomes much easier and less expensive for it to be fixed. As such, it’s extremely important that you create a roof maintenance schedule with your local roofing contractor and ensure they are constantly reviewed.

Chimney Roofing Repair
Image: What Your Roof Should NOT Look Like. Although Some People May Like This Style (Joke)!



Given the problems mentioned above, it is highly likely that any DIY roofing repair or maintenance may not work for you as there are various factors to consider. It could also be potentially dangerous as it could do more harm than good.

Therefore, it’s important that you hire a certified professional roofers to take care of all the problems. We use reliable suppliers for all our projects who has been serving us for many years.

If you are looking for a professional roofer to inspect, repair or install a roof please don’t hesitate to contact LD Roofing Services Ltd for more information. We are more than happy to provide free quotes and consultation.



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