Cost To Replace Fascias & Soffits

So you want your house to be in mint condition, right? It’s easy.

When fitting roofs, fascias and soffits are essential components to ensure the integrity of your build, creating a valuable barrier between moisture and your property’s rafters.

In this article, you will learn the cost to replace fascias and the different aspects you need to consider when looking at estimates.

Cost to replace fascias

You can give your home an instant facelift by simply replacing the fascia boards, roofline fascia, and soffit boards. Fascias are one of the most affordable ways to give your outdated home a modern look, and they come in a variety of styles to fit any budget. 

What is the cost to replace fascias?

Though it can vary on various factors, the average cost to replace fascias can range between £100 – £125 per metre, or £50 per metre if you cap over your existing fascia boards.

As always, prices for fascia and soffit replacement will depend on the size of your roof and house. For instance,  a typical uPVC replacement for old fascias and soffits of a small semi-detached property can cost around £1,450 while capping old fascias and soffits with a uPVC cover of a large semi-detached property can cost around £3,000.

The table below outlines the costs for various scenarios

Bungalow£2,700 to £5,0001 to 2 days
Terraced£1,500 to £2,8001 to 3 days
Semi-detached£2,000 to £3,6002 to 3 days
Detached£2,700 to £5,6003 to 5 days

Cost to paint fascias and soffits

It works out about £825 on average for a repaint, depending on the size of your house and location. It will also depend on the condition of your fascias and soffits and how long the contractor needs to spend preparing the woodwork before painting.

An experienced painter should charge around £150 per day and will usually bring along a trainee who will learn on the job. It is usually safe to assume that your job will be completed within 3-4 days (weather permitting) as the tradesman will probably paint in the morning and then return the next day, so 2-2.5 days of actual work. Afterward, your new paint job should last for many years if maintained well.

The cost of the project depends on what type of paint you use on it. If your fascias and soffits are in a bad state, they may need some preparation work, like sanding and wood-treating, before repainting.

Factors that affect the cost of fascias & soffits replacement

There are a few factors that come into play when assessing the cost of replacing your home’s fascias or soffits. Let’s get into them.

Size of the property

As with most cases, the fascia costs are measured by the metre. As such, the larger your home, the higher the price, as you’ll simply need more materials and labour time to get the job done.

Choice of material

There are various materials that you could choose from when replacing fascias. uPVC is more cost-effective than timber, costing between approximately £6 to £18 per square metre. Timber, on the other hand, is the most expensive option which can range between £100 to £190 per metre. 

The price of timber varies based on the type of wood. Woods such as larch, Douglas fir and pine are usually available for between £80 and £120 per square foot, while most species of softwood are around £10 less expensive, though some might exceed that.

Most aluminium and steel guttering products cost between £25 to £50 per metre installed.

Fascia Width, Colour, Design

Wide fascias and soffits cost more to install than narrow ones because they require expensive tools and equipment, as well as labour added to the base cost of the materials. Colour choice will make a big difference to the cost of your fascias, too. White is currently the cheapest option, however other colours, including grey, black, green, blue and red will cost considerably more. Finally, patterns such as ogee or bull-nose will cost more than a square design because of the extra labour costs associated with forming curves.

Why fascias and soffits need replacement

Your fascia is the external covering at the top of your property that sits just below the roofline. It protects your property from water and other elements, but is often victim to leaking gutters or weathering. Soffits are the boards that run along the bottom of your roof and house gutters. 

However, since the fascias are located right at the very top of your home, they are exposed to more exposure to elements and weather, so these too will experience more wear and tear. If you want to protect your home, then you need to take care and consider making necessary replacements!

Homeowners are often tempted to avoid maintaining their timber soffits and fascia boards around the roofline due to the assumption that they can save money by doing so. Rotten timbers around the roofline will eventually lead to rotten roofs which are much more expensive to repair or replace. If your timber roofline is still in decent condition, you can actually save money by simply capping it with uPVC products. The capping average cost is £50 per metre and is generally added to the cost to replace fascias.

Fascias replacement process

Depending on the scale of the replacement job, scaffolding will be erected around the house or business to enable the roofers to work safely at height. The installers will then remove any old roof tiles, fascias, soffits and bargeboards which will then be replaced with new ones in a matching style. The existing tiles will be replaced once that’s done.

How to reduce the cost to replace fascias & soffits

Exterior fascias are exposed to the elements, unlike soffits that are hidden from exposure. If gutters leak, they will drip and increase the chance that fascias could deteriorate. If you’ve noticed your boards approaching rot, here are a few steps to save yourself money on repair. 

Firstly, you can clad existing boards with uPVC panels for a cost-effective solution, but it depends on the damage – if the boards are badly decayed, cladding won’t hold.

We would recommend replacing any wooden fascias with uPVC, as it requires minimal work to upkeep and is weatherproof, unlike its wooden counterpart.

Multiple purpose

If you’re looking to get soffits and fascias refurbished, it may be worth getting the other work done at the same time. The materials and labour involved with the additional work will obviously increase the price, but it may save you from having to do further repairs in a few months time.


Replacing fascias and soffits may seem simple, but it’s actually a labour-intensive project that is best handled by the pros. Capping or cladding can be used instead of replacement to reduce the cost of replacing the fascias and soffits. If the timber is already rotting or beginning to deteriorate, however, we don’t recommend this option because it won’t fix the underlying problem.

Final thoughts

There are many reasons to replace your fascia or soffit. You could have a damaged fascia or soffit that needs to be repaired or replaced, or maybe you just want to give your home a facelift, in which case painting would be the best option.

Regardless of your reason for needing a new fascia or soffit, our roofers at LD Roofing are here to help you find what you need, at an affordable price.

If you would like any help estimating the cost to replace your fascias and soffits, then please get in touch for a free quote and consultation.



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