UPVC Cladding Cost Guide

How much does exterior uPVC cladding cost? The cost of uPVC cladding will depend on the area to be clad and the type of cladding selected.

Therefore, we have compiled this comprehensive guide, which includes the supply costs for external cladding boards as well as the labor fee for installing the cladding.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about uPVC cladding installation costs!

uPVC Cladding Cost

How much does uPVC Cladding Cost?

The average cost of installing uPVC cladding is £1,500. This assumes a typical installation on one side of a two-story residence with white shiplap or open-V cladding.

If you opt for rosewood-colored cladding, the expenditures are around three times more. The equivalent area in rosewood often costs $5,000. This cladding has the appearance of natural wood, hence the material prices are substantially greater.

The style of the boards influences the price as well. Shiplap boards are more expensive due to their diminutive dimensions. Therefore, more is required to cover the same area. However, the difference in total cost is not excessive.

The location where you choose to install the cladding will have a significant impact on the ultimate price. The greater the area, the greater the price. Additionally, the amount of floors will boost the price.

This is due to the difficulty of working at height and the requirement to rent scaffolding; for example, a single side of a cottage typically costs £800.

You should consider the scaffolding cost as well. Renting scaffolding can cost an average of £4,000 per month. This will be in addition to the installation expenses for the cladding.

You should consult with your installer to determine whether they provide a cheaper alternative. Otherwise, it is advisable to do all potential tasks that will require scaffolding. This will save you money in the long run.

Prices for supply of uPVC cladding

The total cost of installing uPVC cladding will vary depending on a number of variables. The following tables should provide a good approximation of the prices you should expect in certain circumstances.

All of these rates include labor and material costs, as well as the cost to remove and dispose of the previous cladding.

White Shiplap Cladding£1,450 – £1,950
White Open V Cladding£1,400 – £1,800
Rosewood Shiplap Cladding£4,350 – £5,950
Rosewood Open V Cladding£4,300 – £5,200

uPVC cladding supply cost

When determining the cost of materials for installing external uPVC cladding, you must include both the cladding and the trim. The following table provides the costs of the necessary materials, as well as the price variation based on material type and color.

Shiplap Cladding – 5m£8 – £12£32 – £37£35 – £40
Open V Cladding – 5m£8 – £12£13 – £15£20 – £25
Angle Trim – 5m£15 – £20£20 – £25£40 -£45
Butt Joint£1 -£2£1 – £2£1.50 – £2.50
Edge Trim – 5m£14 – £16£20 – £25£25 – £30
Joint Trim – 5m£8 – £9£10 – £15£15 – £20
Drip Trim – 5m£8 – £9£8 – £920 – £25
Cladding Pins, per 250£7 – £8

Additional uPVC cladding cost to consider

Scaffolding Hire

The cost of scaffolding rental is something you must account for in your budget. Scaffolding is not included in the mentioned price, but external uPVC cladding installation on a two-story home is impossible without it.

The price will depend on how much scaffolding you require, or, alternatively, how many sides of your home will be clad. The pricing range is between £3,000 and £6,000.

Therefore, it is advisable to combine this task with others that may also require scaffolding. Most scaffolding rentals are for a minimum of six weeks, so there is ample time to complete other tasks.

Cost of House Exterior Painting

Painting the exterior of your home is most effective when scaffolding is in place.

If your property has exterior woodwork, it may be a good idea to paint it while the scaffolding is already up for the cladding. The average cost of painting the exterior of a property is £850.

This is an added expense, as you will likely not require as much painting once the cladding has been installed.

New Window Price

If you require new windows, you should have them installed prior to replacing the cladding. Due to the fact that the cladding is trimmed to fit around the windows. If they are replaced at a later date, the cladding may be compromised.

It is also a good idea to use the scaffolding required for the cladding to replace windows on the second story. This can result in long-term cost savings.

New Front Door

As with new windows, a new front door should be installed prior to cladding installation. This is due to the fact that the cladding will be cut to fit the door you currently have. If you purchase a new door, the frame may require new cladding.

Labour cost for installing uPVC Cladding

Typically, tradespeople will charge between £150 and £200 per day for labor. The duration of the project is largely determined by the size of your property and the number of walls to be clad. Approximately 1-2 days are required to complete each side of a two-story home.

This presupposes that your tradesperson will work as a pair. One person should have little trouble completing the job for a cottage.

These costs and timeframes include the removal of any existing cladding, the replacement of the old cladding with new uPVC boards, and the disposal of any trash produced during the process.

Factors affecting uPVC cladding cost

When having uPVC cladding installed on your home, a number of factors will determine the final cost.

Scaffolding Hire

Renting scaffolding can have a significant impact on the cost of this project. If your home has two stories, you will require scaffolding. Some businesses may be able to offer their own scaffolding, which is frequently less expensive. Nonetheless, not all artisans can.

Costs will increase proportionally to the quantity of scaffolding required. Before hiring a tradesperson, you should always inquire about the cost of scaffolding.

Area that required cladding

The greater the area, the greater the expense. This includes not only material expenses but also labor expenditures. The primary factor is the number of storeys involved. This is because it will affect the cost of scaffolding.

Type of Cladding

The uPVC cladding cost might be affected by the cladding’s style and color. Shiplap is more expensive, but Open V is inexpensive. White is the standard color in terms of hue. If you want something different, the price will climb. Fake wood patterns are frequently the most costly alternative.

Process of installing cladding

uPVC cladding installation is rather straightforward. It is very similar to the installation of wood cladding.

First, treated wooden battens are affixed to the exterior wall. These battens are vertically installed. If further insulation is required, the second set of battens is horizontally installed to create an air gap that can be filled with insulation.

The cladding can then be installed on top of the battens. Installation always begins at the bottom and progresses upward. Each piece of cladding is first cut to the proper dimensions and then nailed into place. The nails begin in the center and progress outward.

After the cladding has been installed, the trim can be installed to produce a clean finish and seal the joints. Typically, the trim is simply snapped into place. It is not at all difficult to fit.

Planning permission for installing uPVC cladding

The majority of residences do not require approval to install outside cladding. However, there are a few instances in which it will be necessary. They are listed below:

  • Listed Buildings
  • Residences within Conservation Areas and National Parks
  • Homes in Areas of Outstanding National Beauty
  • If it substantially alters the house’s appearance.

If your only intention is to replace current cladding with something of a comparable appearance, this falls under approved development. If the cladding you select is significantly different from what you previously had and what other homes in the neighborhood have, you may need to obtain planning permission.

Before beginning any work, you should visit your local planning authority if you have any questions. It is preferable to check on this instead of being compelled to undo the job later.

Different types of uPVC cladding

Once you’ve dedicided to go ahead with uPVC cladding, the next step is to select the type of cladding. There are two alternatives available. The distinction is due to the different shapes of the boards.

Shiplap Price

Tongue and groove cladding is a type of shiplap cladding. The side of the board that faces the outside has a little curvature. This helps to expedite water discharge. The average cost per square meter of uPVC shiplap cladding is £56.

Open V Costs

Open V cladding is uniquely designed to have an open V-shaped appearance. It is simple and quick to install. Typically, it is produced in thinner sizes. The average uPVC cladding cost for Open V is £29 per m2.

uPVC alternatives

There are alternatives to uPVC if you wish to clad your home. There are numerous options to examine.


Layers of render are put to the exterior walls of a home. It is available in many sorts and hues, allowing for a variety of finishes. The typical cost of rendering is $40 per square foot, including labor charges.

Timber Cladding

Timber cladding imparts a distinctive appearance to a home. The wood can be applied in various patterns to create a variety of aesthetics. The average cost per square meter for softwood is £5, whereas the average cost per square meter for hardwoods and treated wood is £40 to £45.

Exterior Painting

The exterior of your property can also be protected from the weather by painting it. The average cost of painting a home is £850.


Pebbledash is a technique that begins with a lime-cement render layer. The render is then covered with a coating of aggregate or stone to create a beautiful and textured surface. The average cost per square meter is £60.

Metal cladding

There are four options for metal cladding. These include steel, zinc, aluminum, and copper. All of these can be pre-treated and powder coated to provide excellent protection against the elements and a uniform appearance. The cost of this cladding is quite variable and will depend on the metal you select. Prices begin at £35/m2.

uPVC Cladding Removal cost

Before installing new cladding, you must remove any existing cladding from your home. Certain dishonest installers will install new boards over the old ones. This practice is known as capping, and it must be avoided. Installing cladding in this method is not durable.

If you wish to replace the existing uPVC cladding with new cladding, this will be included in the price quoted by the contractor you select. The cladding from one side of a house may be removed in about half a day, as it is a simple task. Typically, the labor costs for this will range between £100 and £150.

You must also consider how you will dispose of the outdated uPVC cladding. Numerous firms will remove your old cladding when they install your new panels. This is because the material may be recycled to create fresh panels.

If you are not purchasing new panels, you must determine whether your local landfill accepts uPVC. A tiny number will charge a fee to accept significant amounts of cash.

If you are removing the cladding and not replacing it, you may need to budget additional funds to perform exterior building repairs. When cladding is removed, it is not uncommon for minor damage to be done to the exterior of the house. If the wall will not be protected by new cladding, it will need to be fixed.

Before removing current cladding, you should be prepared to repair the underlying walls. Before removing the old boards, it is impossible to determine what may lie beneath.

Choosing the right roofer

Because uPVC cladding installation specialists are few, you will need to conduct a thorough search to find someone you feel comfortable using.

The work is not technically difficult, so most builders and carpenters should be able to complete it. Here are some factors to consider while selecting a tradesperson.

  • Have they performed the task previously? If so, may you view their work and speak with former customers? Even if they have never installed uPVC cladding before, experience installing wood cladding is a positive indicator, as the method is substantially same.
  • Are they members of any professional organizations? These sorts of accreditation are not quality assurances, but they can offer some protection in the event of a disagreement.
  • What is the company’s reputation? It does not take long to learn a businessperson’s reputation. Remember that individuals are frequently quicker to write complaints than compliments. Therefore, if they have a positive online reputation, this is a good sign.

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