Sun Tunnel Cost Guide

In order to make your decision to install one, we have created a sun tunnel cost guide that should help you determine whether a sun tunnel is right for you and your home. The guide will cover various aspects on sun tunnels, cost factors and recommended companies for hire.

Sun tunnel cost
Sun Tunnel from Velux (Source: Velux)

What is a sun tunnel?

A sun tunnel is a clever but cost-effective natural light solution. By channeling daylight down through a tube, it saves on lighting costs and generates a more pleasant working environment. They are a revolutionary new way of bringing sunlight – and the natural light spectrum – into a space without needing to cut a hole in your ceiling or walls. 

It’s important to note that this is not the same as installing a skylight. Sun tunnels are different and they should not be interchanged. 

There are many different kinds of sun tunnels that come with different options to suit your needs. It also creates visual interest in the space and provides a seamless light source without shadows. Unlike your home’s other light sources, a sun tunnel will gradually and consistently distribute natural daylight across your entire room or space. You’ll be pleased by the difference in your mood, whether you’re entertaining friends or reading for pleasure.

Sun tunnels are a great addition to your home, so if you are aiming to save on energy costs. It’s a sustainable solution for natural illumination, helping to reduce electricity consumption by up to 80% and the cost of energy bills. When you install one, you can expect to immediately notice the difference in your energy costs.

How much does a sun tunnel cost?

On average, the sun tunnel will cost £325 to buy and £400 to install, giving a total price of £725. However, consider this to be an investment as It can pay for itself in energy saved from not using lights. There are several other benefits as well as highlighted in sections below.

The following table provides a brief outline on how long each time a sun tunnel would take to install, along with the associated material and labour cost. One of the most popular brands that offer sun tunnel roofs are Velux. They also have sun tunnels for pitched roofs with fixed and rigid tunnels.

VELUX 10″ Rigid Sun Tunnel Pitched Roof1 Day£220£300
VELUX 14″ Rigid Sun Tunnel Flat Roof1 Day£340£375
VELUX 14″ Flexible Sun Tunnel Flat Roof1 Day£290£325

Factors affecting cost of sun tunnel

  • Type of tunnel and roof panel you will choose: Flexible tunnels may be more expensive than rigid tunnels, but they have the advantage of being easier to install.
  • Diameter of the tube: The diameter of the tube installed will depend on the size of the room or stairway, and the associated cost can vary based on the diameter. Generally, the cost of a 10-inch tube will be less than that for a wider option.
  • Length of the tunnel: The longer tunnels, the higher the price and this would depend on whether the tunnel runs from the roof to the second or first floor. Accordingly, the sun tunnel cost can vary.
  • Ease of installation: Some sun tunnels do not run in a straight line from roof to ceiling, so flexible tubes are often used. They can be fitted around obstacles in the loft to let in light. Unfortunately, these do not let in as much light as rigid tubes and can be more costly to install.
  • Property location: The cost of a sun tunnel installation varies by region. In general, living in an urban area with high costs of living will lead to higher costs due to increased wages and overhead.

Why install a sun tunnel?

If you’re wondering if sun tunnels are worth it, this section will convince you why it is. There are many benefits of installing a sun tunnel, ranging from personal wellbeing to saving you money. In fact, sun tunnels can:

  • Improve mental and physical health: Sunlight keeps us happy and healthy. Our bodies produce vitamin D from it. Plus, bright, sunny rooms help to decrease the amount of cortisol (a hormone produced by stress) in our bodies, boost our production of serotonin (which increases your happiness and good mood) and lift our spirits.
  • Better aesthetics: Sun tunnels are more than a focal point in your backyard; they add natural light, keep your home cool and eliminate tripping hazards.
  • Higher property value: Light and airy spaces help you stay inspired through the day. That’s why sun tunnels are a popular choice for real estate buyers.
  • Channel natural light in: If your home is lacking in natural light, or you have a dark area with no windows, letting the sunshine in can be a great booster.
  • Lower energy costs in the long term: Sun tunnels help replace your artificial light with natural sunlight, offering a warm glow and eliminating the need to replace bulbs.

Looking for a roofing contractor?

Hopefully, this brief article gave you an idea of the sun tunnel cost and what to expect when installing one. If you’re convinced that your property needs one, do get in touch with the roofers at LD Roofing Services for a free sun tunnel quote. We will provide a no obligation quotation which can help you decide on the best course of action.



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