Solar Roof Tiles Cost

The average solar roof tiles cost is between £10,000 and £15,000, but the identical 3KW solar panel system would cost just over £4,000 – less than half the price.

Solar panels are an excellent method to gather solar energy and reduce energy bills. Some programs let you to sell excess power to the National Grid, and there have been several government-backed incentives and enticing offers to assist with installation expenses. This is a result of the increasing movement away from the use of destructive fossil fuels to create heat and electricity, and towards greener alternatives such as solar and wind power. So, what exactly are solar roof tiles, and how much do they cost?

Solar Roof Tiles Cost
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What choices are available for solar roof installation?

They should give all the benefits of solar panels without detracting from the beauty of your property and are indistinguishable from ordinary roofing materials, which is the objective.

Everyone has seen the so-called “on-roof” solar panels, which rest on a frame affixed to the property’s roof, but for many people, they are unsightly and detract from the beauty of the home. Some homeowners are also concerned that, despite the energy cost reductions, they may decrease the home’s value and make it less appealing to future buyers. Consequently, manufacturers have created two options to overcome these issues:-

In-roof panels, also known as integrated solar, replace a portion of the roof so that the panels are flush with the roof and far less noticeable. The best of both wolds is a solar roof that is a brand-new roof comprised of conventional tiles and solar roof tiles. Due to the labor required in re-roofing a home and replacing standard tiles with solar roof tiles, the cost is nearly double that of installing solar panels.

Solar roof tiles are more expensive than the solar panel option, but you should weigh the possible rise in the value of your property and the energy bill savings against this higher cost. The Energy Saving Trust has projected that, over a 25-year period, a home with solar roof tiles will earn up to £7,250 in cash through Feed-In Tariff payments and savings on conventional energy bills.

The greater the proportion of solar roof tiles installed, the more power may be generated. However, solar roof tiles are difficult to retrofit, so it is not as easy as removing a few of the current tiles or slates and replacing them with solar tiles. Typically, the entire roof must be removed and rebuilt, which is why solar panel installation is so much more expensive.

As the solar roof tile business is currently a niche, it is not anticipated that demand will quickly force prices down. It is probable that homeowners will not consider solar roof tiles until they are in need of a roof renovation or regular repairs have grown pricey, therefore solar roof tiles will likely become increasingly prevalent over time. Most consumers cannot afford the cost of removing a perfectly excellent roof and replacing it with a combination of conventional and solar roof tiles.

How much does solar roof tiles cost?

To begin, let’s examine the solar roof tiles cost that depend on their system size, taking into account the labor time and costs to produce a total cost for installation.

1kW£5,000 to £7,000£2,000 to £3,0001 week£8,000 to £10,000
2kW£7,000 to £9,000£2,000 to £3,0001 to 2 weeks£9,000 to £12,000
3kW£10,000 to £12,000£2,000 to £3,0002 weeks£12,000 to £14,000
4kW£12,000 to £16,000£3,000 to £4,0002 to 3 weeks£14,000 to £18,000

The projected supply cost for a 1kW system is between £5,000 and £7,000, with an extra cost of £2,000 to £3,000 for labour. This would take around one week to install and would cost between £8,000 and £10,000.

A 2kW system will boost the cost from £7,000 to £9,000, with the same one-week labor duration and £2,000 labor expense. This would bring the overall cost estimate to between £9,000 and £11,000.

The supply charges for 3kW systems will boost the price from £10,000 to £12,000. Adding the additional £2,000 for labor and the same week for installation will bring the total to between £12,000 and £14,000.

The 4kW system is the largest of our options, with supply prices ranging between £12,000 and £16,000. Adding the £2,000 labor price and one-week installation period brings the total to between £14,000 and $18,000.

Tesla solar tiles, although not yet available for purchase in the United Kingdom, will cost around £18 per square foot when converted from US dollars. This can equal to a total cost of around £35,000 for a 2,000-square-foot roof.

Factors that affect the solar roof tiles cost

Several factors are likely to influence the price of solar roof tiles. We examine the most prevalent aspects so that you have an idea of what to consider prior to making a purchase.

Number of Solar Tiles Installed and the Size of Your Roofing Material

Clearly, the number of solar roof tiles installed is the most important aspect in determining the price of solar roof tiles. This relates to the total size of your roof, as the greater the area, the more solar tiles you can install, which often results in higher overall expenses.

The current state of your roof

Certain solar tiles may be put over existing roof tiles, but others need the removal of existing roof tiles. If your roof is in bad condition, you will need to pay for repairs before the solar tiles can be installed.

Easy access

Installing solar tiles on a roof that is difficult to access, requiring scaffolding or lifting equipment, can incur higher labor costs for taller houses. The price will be cheaper for smaller properties or those in single-story dwellings, such as bungalows, because access is easier.

Your Location

As is the case with many home improvement projects, your geographical location will affect the cost. Expect to pay more than your rural neighbors if you stay in a city or the nation’s capital.

If you live on a busy road or in a location without a driveway or excellent access to your roof, you may need to block off portions of the road or pavement for the installation, which will cost you more and require you to obtain parking permits – all of which will cost you more.

Solar roof tiles financing

If your roof requires updating or refurbishing, it may be a good time to investigate solar roof tiles. Alternatively, if you have a new construction or an addition and want to reduce your energy costs, you may want to consider solar roof tiles.

Many homeowners utilize the equity in their home to fund home improvement projects through a Home Improvement Loan or a re-mortgage with their existing lender or a new mortgage provider. The funds can be utilized for any home improvement work.

Certain roofing companies may also offer financing options, subject to credit approval; however, you must ensure that they are members of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme; otherwise, you will not receive the necessary paperwork following installation and will be unable to join the Feed-In Tariff system.

Steps involved in installing solar roofing tiles

First, the present roof tiles must be removed and the roof must be prepared for the solar tiles. The tiles will be set from the roof’s edge upwards towards the peak, with the first foot in place to form the shape.

There will be a connecting point for the solar roof tiles, electrical connections, and inverter in your attic or roof area. The electricity generated by your solar roof tiles is DC power, which your inverter subsequently converts into AC power for usage in your house.

With a solar battery storage system, an increasing number of homes may now retain the excess power they produce.

How to ensure you choose the right professional

In the case of a specialized installation, such as solar roof tiles, you must hire a competent and certified professional to perform the task on your behalf. Your home’s energy system will depend on solar power functioning properly.

Before committing to deal with a trader, it is a good idea to obtain a written estimate so that you know just how much you will be spending. Consequently, you may prevent any last-minute price increases.

Always investigate the contractor’s background, searching for images or videos of their prior work to get a sense of what they can deliver. Second, requesting referrals from previous customers is a great approach to obtain verbatim replies from consumers, which will help you make an educated selection.

The roof tile installer must be covered by insurance, and you should always double-check the tile’s warranty period in the event that something goes wrong within a few months or years of its installation.

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