Solar Panel Services in Rushden

Over 25 Years Experience

LD Roofing Services Ltd have over 25 years of industry experience providing all aspects of commercial and residential roofing.

Finance Available

We offer flexible and low cost finance to customers who would like to take advantage of our "buy now, pay later" payment plans.

Fully Qualified Roofers

Our roofers in Northampton are fully qualified, approved and registered with CHAS, SMAS Worksafe Contractor and CSCS.

12 Year Warranties

All customers will receive a 12 year warranty for new pitched roof constructions or a 10 year warranty for new flat roof installations.

Solar Panel & Solar Roof Tiles Installation in Rushden by LD Roofing Services

At LD Roofing Services Ltd, we’ve always been about more than just roofs. Our vast experience spanning over 25 years in the roofing industry has naturally paved the way for our expertise in solar panel installations. Today, we stand as a leading name in solar solutions for both homeowners and businesses in Rushden and the broader NN postcode district in Northamptonshire.

Why Rushden Trusts LD Roofing for Solar Panel Installations?

A Legacy of Excellence: With our long-standing history in both commercial and residential roofing, we are uniquely positioned to offer superior solar installations. Whether you are looking to add solar panels or solar roof tiles to your home or business, we have the proven track record to help you.

Certified and Committed: Our association with recognised bodies like CHAS, SMAS Worksafe Contractor, and CSCS isn’t just for show—it’s a testament to our dedication and the quality we bring to every project.

Comprehensive Solar Solutions: We offer both traditional solar panels and modern solar roof tiles, ensuring that every Rushden home or commercial space gets the best solar solution tailored to its needs.

Family-Driven Dedication: As a family-run business, our customers are more than just invoice numbers. We blend our familial values with unwavering professionalism, ensuring every client feels valued and cared for.

Reputation that Speaks Volume: Over the years, our commitment to exceptional quality and safety standards has won us a 5-star reputation, making us the go-to for many in Rushden and across Northamptonshire.

For Solar Panel and Solar Roof Tiles Installation for Homes and Businesses in Rushden:

Adding Solar Panels to Your Home: A Sustainable Future

Green energy isn’t just a trend; it’s the way forward. As electricity costs rise and environmental concerns take centre stage, isn’t it time your property in Rushden benefits from the energy of the sun? With LD Roofing, you’re not just choosing solar panels installation services; you’re choosing a legacy of excellence, trust, and commitment.

Solar Panels vs Solar Roof Tiles

When deciding on a solar solution, it’s essential to know your options. Traditional solar panels are mounted on top of your existing roof, offering a straightforward way to capture solar energy. In contrast, solar roof tiles, replace your current roof tiles and blend seamlessly with your home’s design. Both options offer effective ways to use energy generated by the sun, but the choice often comes down to aesthetic preferences and specific Rushden property needs.

At LD Roofing Services Ltd, our seasoned team is proficient in both these installations, ensuring you get a solution that’s tailored to your home or business, backed by our legacy of roofing expertise.

Ready to Add Solar Panels or Solar Roof Tiles to Your Home?

Adding solar panels or solar roof tiles to your home can be a huge decision and we are here to help. Our team is happy to answer all your questions, guide you through the process, and ensure you make the most informed choice for your property. With LD Roofing Services Ltd, you’re not just getting solar panel installation; you’re gaining a trusted partner dedicated to helping you embrace a brighter, sustainable future. Reach out now for a free consultation 01933 717054 or fill out our contact form.

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