Roof Skylight Cost Breakdown

You want more natural light in your home, right? Installing a skylight is a great way to get that effect. It’s simple and doesn’t involve any complex changes. However, you must be wondering how much installing a roof skylight cost.

This article attempts to breakdown the various aspects involved in formulating the cost and by the end of it, you should be able to get a clear idea of how much it would cost for installing on your property.

Roof skylight cost

How much does a roof skylight cost?

Choosing the right skylight for your home can be difficult, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the roofing system. As such, the prices can depend on the various factors which can eventually determine the roof skylight cost.

If you need a flashing kit, roof alterations and collar, the cost ranges between £800 – £1,100 in labour. The table below gives a rough estimate of the costs for different roof window types.

Type of windowCost
Roof dome small£450
Velux small£550
Skylight large£700
Roof dome large£650
Velux large£800
Install skylight with labour £1000
Flat roof skylight£600
Pyramid skylight£550
Average skylight replacement cost£650
Electric powered window£300

Skylight Installers Cost

In general, skylight installation would require two installers to get the work done, 1 skilled installer along with a labouring assistant. This could amount to approximately £40 per hour – £25 per hour for the skilled tradesperson and about £15 per hour for an assistant labourer.

This would amount to a day rate of £200 per day for the skilled skylight installer, and £125 per day for an assistant labourer.

Factors that affect roof skylight cost

Depending on your requirement, scope and the budget you have set aside for installing a skylight roof, the cost of installing skylights can vary. Below is a list of things you would need to consider:

  • The size of the skylight: generally, if you have a larger space that needs skylight installation, it can cost more.
  • Type of skylights: there are different types of skylights that you can install at your property. Accordingly, the prices can vary. Eg: Flat glass skylights are comparatively cheaper than pyramid or polycarbonate roof domes.
  • Surrounding space: if you want skylights to be installed in area that’s difficult to reach, it might add up to your labour cost.
  • Supplies: depending on the brands used, the cost of supplies can vary. For instance, if you decide to use the Velux brand, the prices can vary.

The main price determinant for roof skylight is the cost of the windows itself. So, it’s important that you get a better understanding of the type of roofing window you need, the size requirements and the brand you want to use. Here’s a great resource to find out how much Velux windows and roof skylights cost.

Different types of skylights

There are many different types depending upon the materials used, its type of use, and the types of roof/room. The most commonly used ones are discussed below.

  • Fixed skylights: a popular type that are completely sealed to the roof. It’s mostly used at low lit areas like the attics and the stairwell.
  • Ventilated skylights: this works as a source of ventilation of air and light. They are perfect for kitchen and bathrooms, as they also aid in removing excess moisture.
  • Pyramid skylights: They are typically mounted on curbs on flat roofs and are available with several slopes or pitch options.
  • Operable skylights: These windows can open like a regular window and create a fresh, natural breeze.
  • Retractable skylights: Retractable skylights provide a convenient means of passive lighting in your home or business. You can open and close them with a remote controller.
  • Dome-shaped skylights: These are made up of robust and flexible plastics. It’s capable of illuminating the entire room even with small streams of lights.
  • Ridge skylights: These are more suitable where the skylight continues in the same plane as the roof pitch and the ridge of the skylight follows the line of the ridge of the roof. 

Roof skylight replacement cost

On average, the cost of roof window replacements range between £500 – £800. This cost includes the purchase of the window itself plus the installation. While there may be additional costs involved in replacing your skylight with a new one, you would also need to consider the effort of disposing of the old one. During the replacement process, you could also look into providing the roofers with your custom requirements.

Is it worth installing skylights?

When you finally decide to install a skylight, you will be amazed to find out how valuable and beneficial an investment it really is. They are the best way to take advantage of natural light in any room of your home. 

But before installing one, you need to ensure it will be installed properly, as skylights can be tricky. First, determine if you have enough space for a skylight. Then, study the pitch of each roof slope to decide whether a flush-mount or an angled skylight is the right choice.

In addition to bringing in more light, you can also choose an option that provides fresh air. They can make your home feel more spacious and give the illusion that you live in an upper floor apartment.

Final thoughts 

Whether you’re looking to buy an entire roof window unit or a simple skylight, here’s what you need to know before installing them:

  • Roof skylight costs are mainly determined by the type of glass used and the scope of work required.
  • Professionals charge approximately £150 on average as a daily rate to install a skylight.
  • For a relatively straightforward roof skylight replacement, the average cost could range between £500 – £800.
  • You need to be mindful of the additional cost that you could incur for customisations.

Installing a skylight is relatively a simple task but is one that needs to be left for the professionals to handle. Whether you need Velux installation or roof skylights installation, do get in touch with our team of expert roofers in Northampton to discuss your next skylight installation project.



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