Importance Of Roof Cleaning & 3 Things You Need To Know

Is roof cleaning necessary? This is probably what you as a homeowner might ask someday. Though we can safely say that the importance of roof cleaning cannot be emphasized enough and this article will highlight some important factors to consider when cleaning the roof.

There are many things you as homeowners do to keep your property looking fresh and clean. Whether it’s shoveling the walkway, repainting or mowing the lawn, these are general easy tasks that most can handle. However, most property owners tend to forget the task of cleaning their roofs. 

We appreciate the fact that not everyone is a roofing expert and this is how we can help. Let’s explore the 3 important things you need to know in order to keep your roof clean.

Importance of roof cleaning. Source:
Importance of roof cleaning. Source:

1. Roof cleaning is hardly a job you can carry out on your own

It is potentially dangerous to hold a high pressure water hose on a slanted surface all by yourself unless you have prior experience. Roof washing takes some skill and expertise, to reach dirt and debris hidden between the cracks and crevices of roofing shingles, or disguised by the dark color of those tiles. 

Additionally, there are different types of cleaning methods which only a professional roofing contractor will have expertise in dealing with. They will know the right detergent or surfactant to use on a roof, to dissolve dirt and grime without drying out the shingles and causing damage.

2. Use a soft wash system for older roofs

Soft wash cleaning involves the use of specific surfactants and/or detergents. They are designed to seep into the pores of a roof and work their way through the undersides of roofing tiles and shingles. 

The types of soft wash material used for old roofs are generally gentle but strong, and easily dissolve thick grit, grime, dust, dirt, mud, soot, and other such residues.

Soft wash systems use low pressure to remove the dirt making it the ideal way to clean old roofs as it is less likely to cause any damage. 

A professional roof cleaning contractor can help you recommend if a soft wash cleaning is required after carefully evaluating the age of the roof and amount of dirt that needs cleaning.

3. Avoid wood rot and algae

As a responsible homeowner, you should not wait till you see lines of algae or moss along roofing shingles and it can lead to excess water seeping into your roof.

This will cause a ripple effect and thereby increase the chan

ces of you getting a leaky roof, wood rot and freezing water damage. The damage can be extensive the longer you ignore and you might even have to consider re-roofing.

You’re better off properly cleaning and maintaining your roof to prevent this from happening. In some instances, wood rot can also go unnoticed. Therefore to ensure that you are protected from such issues, it is important that you constantly have them cleaned.

What is included in roof cleaning?

Now that we’ve explored the importance of roof cleaning, you might want to consider the different types of roof cleaning materials and roof cleaning equipment that is included. 

One of the most popular components is the chlorine bleach. During roof cleaning, the focus is on killing and removing the algae or moss growth. Chlorine bleach, the same kind you use to whiten laundry or scrub your toilet, is enough to kill off moss and algae spores. The ARMA recommends that you maintain a 1:1 ratio between water and bleach to clean a roof.

Finally, the roofing contractor may also use a leaf blower to remove any leftover pieces of moss.

If all of this seems overwhelming to you, simply get in touch with one of our roofing contractors in Northampton and we will guide you on the best approach. We also offer extensive roof cleaning services if you would like our team to do it all for you.



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