Chimney Removal Cost Guide

How much does a chimney removal cost? In this guide we breakdown the costs involved when removing a chimney and how the whole process works. In some instances, it may make more sense to remove than to carry out chimney repairs. This is especially true if the chimney has been used beyond its useful life.

Chimney Removal Cost Guide - LD Roofing Services
Chimney Removal Cost Guide – LD Roofing Services

How much does it cost to remove a chimney?

When you think of removing a chimney, you might consider hiring someone to do it for you. However, should you choose to remove your own chimney breast, understand that removing the chimney entails numerous steps and can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive project.

If the area where the chimney is located experiences water damage, fire damage, or failure of the chimney it will need to be replaced.

Hiring a contractor who has the proper equipment, extensions and knowledge of how to remove a chimney is essential. Depending on the size of the chimney, more than one contractor may be required to complete the job effectively.

There are many different costs involved with chimney removal and each will vary depending on the specifics of your case. Replacing the entire chimney stack and breast is, as a general rule of thumb, more expensive than just replacing the chimney breast.

Although this will depend on your property and the time of year it’s booked, the cost to remove an entire chimney without the stack would cost around £2,200 – £2.400, while the average price for removing the entire chimney stack with the breast is around £3,000 – £3,500.

Different chimney removal cost

Below is a table listing the different types of chimney breast removal jobs and the prices you can expect to pay for each. 

Remove chimney stack alone£1200-£1400
Remove ground floor chimney breast£1500-£1750
Remove first-floor chimney breast£1750-£2000
Remove chimney breast entirely without the stack£2200-£2400
Remove entire chimney breast and stack£3000-£3500

Additional costs 

In addition to the costs mentioned in the table above, you have to incur additional costs to remove the chimney from your property.

The items mentioned below may not applicable to all cases but it’s always good to keep these in check should the need arise:

  • Scaffolding hire cost: £3,000 – £4,000
  • Skip hire cost: £100 – £200
  • Chimney redecoration cost: £8 – £15/hour

The final item in the list above is necessary in cases where you require materials to cover up the patch after the chimney breast or stack is removed.

Labour costs and timelines

The cost for labour on a chimney breast removal will vary from job to job depending on a number of factors. The average cost for labour on a chimney breast removal will be around £200 to £300 per day.

You will also need to check if the The labour charge includes all site office administration, safety equipment hire, transit time, set up time, travel time, workplace refreshments). It’s often best to discuss these points prior to engaging with the contractor.

Usually, the chimney removal  cost includes all of these costs together as a total sum. However, upon your request, contractors can also provide a breakdown of all the expenses within your quote. This will provide transparency both and can be useful to avoid any misunderstanding.

Factors that affect chimney removal cost

There are various considerations that you need to factor in when calculating the cost of removing a chimney.

Type of removal

The type of removal can come in various forms as shown in the table above. This can largely determine your cost. For instance, if you are simply looking to remove the chimney breast only, it may cost you approximately £1,500 – £1,750. However, this cost can increase if you wish to remove the chimney stack as well which can range between £3,000 – £3,500.

Size of Chimney Breast & Stack

The size of the chimney breast will affect the cost. This is because the smaller the breast, shorter the time it takes for the contractors to remove them. Similarly, a larger chimney breast will cover a larger area making it time consuming. This will increase the labour costs and in turn the overall cost to remove the chimney.

Property location

The location of your property can affect the overall cost that you’re going to pay for the job. This is because the local labour rates and transportation costs can impact the overall cost of removing chimneys. In the case of LD Roofing, all our contractors are based within Northamptonshire making it cost effective if you’re within the area.

Use of Scaffolds

In some instances, depending on where the chimney stack or chimney breast is placed, the job may require the use of scaffolds. Hiring scaffolds may cost approximately £3,000 – £4,000 depending on the size and duration of hire.

Process of removing a chimney

The process of removing a chimney breast is an extensive and challenging job that will require the work of several contractors. As you can imagine, this is a very important home improvement project that affects the integrity of your house and its interior.

It’s therefore extremely important that you consult a professional who has extensive experience carrying out similar projects to avoid unintended additional costs.

Depending on the scope of the chimney removal project, the process can differ. For instance, removing an internal chimney breast can be a messy and dusty process. Our contractors will ensure that the rooms and living area during the process are protected and provide extra protection for cleanup crews as they enter the home. At this point, our expert roofers will also ensure that the plumbing, electrical and gas lines are well protected before the removal begins.

On the other hand, external chimney stack removal is generally completed outside of the property and, therefore, will not cause any disruptions in spaces within the house.

Upon removing the chimney stack, you will also need to ensure that you adhere to the 1966 Party Wall Act. This is to ensure that no disruptions or disagreements take place with regards to boundary walls, excavations near neighbouring buildings. This process can take some time though it’s important that it’s thought through.

Once the removal is complete, you need to ensure that the mess is cleaned up and the walls are replastered in the case of chimney breast removal. This is quite a long process especially considering the fact that it can generate a lot of dust and debris.

How messy is it to remove a chimney?

Removing a chimney breast can be messy and requires commitment and dedication. By taking these precautions, we can keep any mess to a minimum and ensure we keep our house sparkly clean.

How long does it take to remove a chimney?

Depending on how complicated the chimney is and the size of the project, it can take 2-4 days on average to completely remove a chimney.

Planning permission for removing chimney

You will only require planning permission for removing a chimney breast if your building is a listed building or if the property is located in a conservation area. This can vary across different local councils and is therefore best if you get in touch with them.

If you live within Northamptonshire, you could get more information by getting in touch with the Northamptonshire County Council.

Building regulations for removing chimney

If you are removing a chimney breast, there are often building regulations that govern the work that must be carried out. These regulations ensure that the home is still structurally safe and stable after the job has been completed.

Just as with planning permissions, it’s always recommended that you get in touch with the local council for more information on this matter. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our roofers at LD Roofing who are fully versed with the latest local regulations so you don’t have to go through the hassle.

Hiring a contractor to remove a chimney

Even though there are several things that you should think about when hiring a contractor to remove the chimney. Some of them are noted in the list below:

  • Ensure that the chimney removal contractor offers you a written estimate and then follow up to ensure your chimney contractor will complete the job.
  • Ask for a breakdown of costs on the quotes so that you’re getting a fair price for each element of the job.
  • When you hire a contractor to remove your chimney, always get at least three estimates so that you can ensure you’re getting a fair price.
  • Check if they have the right certifications and experience to carry out a good job. Checking their reviews and past work can go a long way in choosing the right chimney removal contractor.
  • Make sure you find out what materials they use. It’s a good idea to ask directly whether the materials they’ll be using will stand up to your area’s specific climate and environment.
  • Check if they have the right knowledge about the local planning permissions and building regulations.
  • Find out if the contractor offers free workmanship guarantee and public liability insurance in case anything goes wrong.

If you are still unable to find the right roofing contractor to remove your chimney, do get in touch with our expert roofing team at LD Roofing Services Ltd. Contact us today for a free chimney removal quote and consultation.



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